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How to Cope with Trauma and Abuse

Experiencing any kind of trauma or abuse is hard to digest. Unfortunately, we have not been given the best tools to cope with such difficult experiences. When we try to deal with our uncomfortable feelings we tend to use the

Pain, Pills & Alcohol – How we go from substance use to substance abuse

Let’s introduce some of the most difficult experiences through the talents found in the music industry. A very talented artist, Avicii, recently passed away due to allegedly committing suicide at the young age of 28. Many highly talented artists lost

What it’s like to grow up as a 1st generation immigrant

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as a person’s ability to function, relate and work effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity. What about the families that uproot their lives and move to a completely different country? How high are their CQ

Happy Couples- solutions to common problems in relationships

True fulfillment and happiness comes from a thriving and healthy relationship. Many of us may be happy with our careers, have a great circle of friends and much support from our families. However, one area of our lives seems to

Stress – what it looks like and what to do about it

If money is the root of all evil then stress is the root of all pain. Sometimes we may not be aware that we are stressed but find ourselves plagued with very uncomfortable feelings that we have a hard time

What social anxiety looks like in children and adults

Social anxiety is more common than we may think and it shows itself in more ways than meets the eye. Through the following examples I’m going to take you on a timeline back to a couple of origins of social

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